Bettsina Walkinson

Human Interface Designer @ Apple.
When not working you can find me in Azeroth or watching an F1 race.




Generative motion through music.

If art is the representation of a time period in our world and political environment, and technology continues to change the world rapidly.

Perhaps art, like technology, could also have a function, rather than a contemplative approach. therefore allowing audience participation and exploration of their own creative potential in order to become prosumers. Would we all become artists, and who would be the author of authors?

The rddl project, is the exploration of what post-contemporary art could be, by merging cutting-edge technology with traditional attributes of art and design. It starts with experimentation of generative motion design, through musical harmony. The music is composed and performed by the artist, and the motion is produced/generated/manipulated by a computer program.

Its purpose is to reinvent the meaning of an art piece in today’s environment. Using the blockchain technology to host the outcome of the piece and to reach its audience.

In short, rddl is a generative art project, some might get it, some might not. After all, art can be anything and technology can become anything.

Follow it’s progress and art statement here

ToolsJS, MaxMSP, MIDI controller

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